What is MilSim?

MilSim is short for Military Simulation. They are typically airsoft or video games where people come together to practice military tactics in a safe environment using airsoft rifles or video games.

Airsoft MilSim

ArmA 3 MilSim

Groups like Task For 121 ArmA MilSim emulate the Army branch from the U.S. Military and use real military tactics during “operations”. Four nights a week there are official games, “ops”, where someone will Zeus and create a real life scenario that the military must engage in. The clan is broken into several units such as Combat Applications Group (CAG), 75th Rangers Regiment, 160th SOAR, 66th Armored Regiment, and the 49th Field Artillery. Each unit will have responsibilities and make plans for the op. There is a chain of command and there are promotions that allow players to work themselves up through the ranks.

MilSim Video Games

When it comes to MilSim video games, ARMA 3 takes the cake! With all of the mods and capabilities to customize ARMA, it’s clear to see why this is our #1 choice for Military Simulation.

MilSim Video Games

  • ARMA 3
  • Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)

ARMA 3: The BEST Military Simulation (MilSim) Video Game

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