What is ARMA MilSim?

Military Simulation “MilSim” is a cooperative activity that simulates realism and military tactics, strategies, and situations. We are dedicated to the ARMA 3 MilSim Community that hosts multiplayer cooperative missions.

Join a MilSim Community

One of the best ways to enjoy ARMA 3 is to join a MilSim Community where people uphold values of honesty, respect, integrity, and play together in a cooperative way to complete missions. MilSim Communities will have teams and structures that will mentor new players and promote them from within.

Realism Mods

The ARMA 3 community is very strong and has produced many mods that are capable of emulating realism. This leads to realistic MOS roles like Medic, Marksman, Mortar Teams, and RTO. You’ll not only be part of a team but have a specific role. We’ll cover mods that you may want to use in your server to increase realistic gameplay.

Basic Training

If you are new or just want to learn new mods and techniques we have an entire section dedicated to training.

Advanced Training

If you’ve been playing ARMA for a while and want to move up you’ll need to learn things like Zeus, Flying, and Server Configuration.

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