What is MilSim?

Military Simulation “MilSim” is a cooperative activity that simulates realism and military tactics, strategies, and situations. We are dedicated to the MilSim community and realistic first-person shooter video games. We will mostly focus on airsoft, ARMA 3 MilSim Gameplay, and DayZ. This site will also feature DayZ, a post-apocalypse zombie survival game for its realism and tactical gameplay.


Communities, also known as clans or groups are a place where people come together to play video games, play airsoft, and enjoy the militaristic or realistic game play. This is a great place to bond with others who share a common interest.


Airsoft is similar to paintball but more realistic. The weapons mimic real-world weapons and provide a more immersive experience than paintball.


ARMA 3 is the current release in the ARMA series video game which features a realistic engine and has an extensive community that is building mods to stretch the limits.


DayZ is a post-zombie apocalypse survival video game built on the Enfusion Realism engine by Bohemia Interactive. While this doesn’t fall into traditional MilSim video games, there’s an extreme amount of realism and the Enfusion Engine may be the future of ARMA. You can team up with others and fight other groups of players.

Join a MilSim Community

One of the best ways to enjoy ARMA 3/DayZ/Airsoft is to join a MilSim Community where people uphold values of honesty, respect, integrity, and play together in a cooperative way to complete missions. MilSim Communities will have teams and structures that will mentor new players and promote them from within.

Join an Airsoft Community

Airsoft provides realistic in-person war games. One way of finding a community is to find a local airsoft field and hang out there. Pay attention to who’s-who and see where you fit in. The owners or people orchestrating the events may have information that can help you. Being committed to improving and dedicated is what will give you success on a team.



DayZ has come a long way since its ARMA 2 Mod. This game has been known to be a little “too realistic” which is why it is a truly amazing game. Bohemia Interactive’s next-generation realism engine is known as the Enfusion Engine. This engine provides incredibly realistic gameplay where the player has to keep themselves alive through hunting, crafting, and other survival skills. What makes this game great for MilSim is that it allows for base building and groups to come together and work as a team to battle other players. Because this came is so difficult, players must make moves patiently and strategically or they could lose their life and their loot. This game creates real feelings of fear and stress because the punishment for mistakes is grave. Starting over can take hours. DayZ is the best realistic player-vs-player (PvP) game currently on the market.

Base Building

Building bases is the key to accumulating loot that will keep you healthy and capable of fighting other players and zombies.

Top Tier Weapons

The top-tier weapons are found further inland at military bases like Tisy and the North West Airfield.

Staying Alive

Staying alive is very difficult in DayZ.

MilSim.org’s DayZ Guide

We wrote our own guide to help you learn DayZ faster.


Realism Mods

The ARMA 3 community is very strong and has produced many mods that are capable of emulating realism. This leads to realistic MOS roles like Medic, Marksman, Mortar Teams, and RTO. You’ll not only be part of a team but have a specific role. We’ll cover mods that you may want to use in your server to increase realistic gameplay.

Basic Training

If you are new or just want to learn new mods and techniques we have an entire section dedicated to training. Joining a group is the best way to learn fast. People are willing to help.

Advanced Training

If you’ve been playing ARMA for a while and want to move up you’ll need to learn things like Zeus, Flying, and Server Configuration. This is universal to ARMA or DayZ; if you join a group your skillsets will improve. You’ll learn secret techniques and things you might not find else where.

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