ARMA 3 NFO Server Setup Guide: Killah Potatoes Liberation

KP Liberation

What is Liberation?

Liberation, also called “Lib”, is one of the greatest ARMA 3 missions to ever be created. If set up correctly this is absolutely incredible for MilSim. The overall objective of Liberationis to rid cities of militant insurgants, hence the name “Liberation”.

Why run Liberation?

Liberation can be ran with an operation (“op”) but it’s also a really good map to leave running on the server when an official “op” is not happening. There are many different size cities, radio towers, objectives and this allows groups of players of any size to participate. Typically after an “op” we will flip the server over to liberation.

What’s different about this setup guide?

  • HALO Configuration – Instead of flying or driving to each of these cities this tutorial demonstrates how to configure Liberation to allow HALO jumping. Players can pick a location an parachute in for more rapid deployments.
  • MilSim Mods – you get all the mods necessary to play MilSim. This includes: Task Force Radio (TFAR), ACE Medical, Advanced Movement and more!



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