ARMA 3 Tools

We’ll cover common tools that can be used for administering, developing, and playing ARMA 3. There’s a link at the bottom if you want to view other tools that we won’t cover here.


ARMA 3 Launchers can be used to launch the ARMA client more efficiently. There are flags that can be passed to the ARMA executable that will not display the loading animations and reduce the amount of time it takes to launch ARMA.


The A3Launcher improves on the default launcher by automatically detecting Mods, downloads mods via Torrents for maximum bandwidth and the UI is very clean and easy to use.



This tool can also be used as a launcher. See below for more information.

ArmaA 3 Unix/Mac Launcher

This GitHub project was started because ArmA did not port their default luancher to Linux/Mac.

Client MOD Syncing

Mod synching can be done with the default Steam client however, there are times when that doesn’t cut it.


This Java app is capable of synching mods from a private repository and being used as a launcher. By using a cloud hosted Windows Virtual Machine (VM) and XAMPP it is easy to set up an FTP repository for mods. This could be used to distribute private mods.

Server Management

These are tools that could be used to help make server administration more efficient.

Beyond Compare 4

Beyond Compare 4 is a tool for comparing text changes. This is a tool that I highly recommend using for comparing changes to configuration files. If a lot of people are making changes on the server it may be worthwhile to keep a tool like this handy.

Git / GitHub (Version Control)

If you’re a software developer then it should be a no-brainer that Git could be used to check-in server and ARMA profiles into a GitHub repository. This would allow specific configurations and scenarios to persist with change tracking in a GitHub repository. This can also be shared with other people who are administering the server.

TCAdmin (Total Control Admin)

TCAdmin is a 3rd party software that must be licenced monthly ($7.95 / month) that allows for a web interface to interactively manage the ARMA 3 server.

TADST / MASST (’s ARMA Server & Storage Tool)

TADST is a tool that allows you to easily configure a dedicated ARMA server. The idea is that this tool is downloaded and placed in the ARMA Server folder and it reads the configuration files, mods, and makes it easier to configure and launch the ARMA 3 Server.

MASST (’s ARMA Server & Storage Tool)

We’ve forked the TADST project because we want to make some large changes to how it functions. It also appears that pull requests haven’t been merged within the last year.

PBO Manager

The PBO Manager that can be downloaded in the ARMA 3 Tools from Steam allows users to unpack and modify PBO files. This would allow for custom scripting and adding slots to existing maps / scenarios.


The FREE RCon Tool from BattleWarden allows for remote management of the DayZ and ARMA 3 Servers.

Further Reading

There’s a lot of tools out there. We didn’t cover them all.



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