If you’re a new or experienced player these ArmA 3 MilSim Training videos will help you improve your game and learn to function as a team player. These videos are mostly sponsored by Task Force 121, a military simulation clan in ArmA 3 that follows the ARMY branch of the United States military. They operate with several groups not limited to but include Combat Applications Group (CAG) or more commonly known as Delta Force (SFOD), 75th Rangers Regiment, 66th Armored Regiment, 160th SOAR and the 49th Field Artillery.

Joining a Clan (Getting Started)


Downloading mods for a clan.

Connecting to the Server

Zero Kit

Create a “Zero Kit” loadout so you can be quicker at prepping for missions.

ARMY Terms for Communications

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Basic Combat Training

If you are new to ArmA or just recently joined a clan (Task Force 121 ARMA MilSim) this is where you should start.

Basic Movement

Basic movement, leaning and shooting, combat pace

Rifle Qualifications

Land Warfare

Advanced Movement

Task Force Radio (TFAR) Infantry/Sergeants



EOTech + 3X Magnifier

Advanced Training

If you’re an experienced operator or someone looking to gain more experience these videos are for you.

M57 Detination Device (Explosives)

Long Range Radio

Commanders Tablet (cTab)

RQ-11B A-III Raven Drone

Laser Designator

Titan (Anti Tank)

Military Occupational Specialties (MOS)

Medic Training

Engineer Training

COMMS (Long Range & Communications)

Mortar Training

Combat Diving

Sinking a Boat (M57/Explosives)

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