ARMY Terms for Communications

It’s important to learn the proper communication that the ARMY uses for communication in a MilSim environment. General communication between teams is done on a short range radio. However, each team may have a dedicated person (COMMs) with a long range that can reach out to other units who are located extreamly far away.


  • Ambulatory – military casualties who is capable of walking.
  • 40 Mike Mike – 40mm grenade launcher
  • Bird – Helicopter
  • Chalk – MH-47 Chinook Helicopter
  • Charlie Mike – Continue Mission
  • COMMs – communication
  • COP – Combat Out Post
  • Liter – a military casualties who is incapable of walking.
  • F.R.I.E.S – Fast Rope Infil Exfil System – Drop in or extract using helicopter ropes. AKA Fast Roping.
  • HALO – High Altitude Low Opening – method of the insert from the air where you jump in high and open the chute low to the ground.
  • HAHO – High Altitude High Opening – method of the insert from the air where you jump in high and open the chute high to steer.
  • FOB – Forward Operating Base
  • FOP – Forward Operating Post
  • NVG (NODs) – Night Vision Goggles
  • O.P. – Observation Point
  • Oscar Mike – On the move (on my way)
  • RTB – Return to Base
  • PID – Positively Identify
  • Pull Security – set up a perimeter and look for activity.
  • Small arms fire – anything that’s infrantry bullet related; AK-47, M4s, etc..
  • S.P. – Start Point (Sometimes will include a time)
  • TIC – Troops in Contact

ARMA Terms

Cook Off – when a vehicle blows up it makes popping sounds which is the ammunition exploding.


  • Break – This is said to pause a transmission on Radio to make sure the receiving person has the time to write down their previous transmission.
  • Lima Charlie – Loud and clear (slang)…
  • Interrogative – a question posed to any station.
  • Repeat – repeat fire mission
  • Roger – Received your last transmission satisfactorily.
  • Say again – repeat your last transmission.

Call Signs

Each group will have its own Call Signs. For example, in CAG we have:

  • Punisher – 75th Rangers
  • Witchdoctor – SFOD
  • Whiskey – Blackhawk Transport
  • Ferrari – Little Bird transport
  • Reaper – A-10 Warthog
  • Pedro – Medical Blackhawk

“Ferrari this is witchdoctor.  Come in Over?”

“Ferrari, witchdoctor is requesting extract at grid coordinates standby.”

“Grid coordinate XXXX break.”

“Grid coordinates XXXX how copy grid? Over.”

COMMs information provided by @SSG Animal. He has experience working COMMs in the military. You can follow him on TwitchTV.

Nine Line Medevac

NATO standarized system for transmitting infor for a medical evacuation.

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