EOTech With 3x Magnifier

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure the EOTech with 3X Magnifier or the Flip-Up magnifier as some will call it. This optic has some of the best zooms and is very beneficial for close and mid-range targets. The EOTech provides a clear vision of targets that are close and the combination of the 3x Magnifier makes this a must-have in your kit bags.

EOTech 3x Magnifier Configuration

To start with you must select the EOTech 552 + 3X Magnifier to get started with.

Once you have the EOTech optic on your weapon you will need to configure your CAB Add Ons bindings for the optic to flip up the magnifier.

Configuration / Key Bindings

By default, the configuration is to the keypad button “/”. If you don’t have a keypad (if you are using a laptop) then you can rebind or add the key to something else. I use CTRL + SHIFT + B which is easy to use.

Press ESC, then select Options -> Controls

When the Controls dialog opens click the “CONFIGURE ADDONS” button at the bottom. It’s next to “OK”

Select “CBA Weapons” from the ADDON dropdown.

The EOTech 3X Magnifier is bound to “/” on the keypad. You can easily add another binding by pressing the buttons you want to bind the functionality to. I used CTRL + SHIFT + B to toggle.

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