KP Liberation

Set up a Dedicated ARMA 3 Liberation MilSim Server

This guide will show you all of the shortcuts and things you need to know to quickly set up a Dedicated ARMA 3 Liberation MilSim Server. I will walk you through the process of setting this up locally. This is almost the same process as a dedicated production Windows server. The configuration may vary but this guide will get you through configuring ARMA, liberation and setting up the mods.

We’ll also use the latest greatest mods for MilSim like ACE medical, Advanced Movement and TFAR.

GitHub: KillahPotatoes’s Liberation

[ video of why liberation is awesome… ]

Initial Server Setup Guides

I think the best server workflow strategy is to run a local dedicated server and configure everything locally before having to deal with a remote production server. It’s easier to download mods and configure a server locally than to wait hours while something uploads just to figure out it’s broken. Building the ARMA Server locally will get out the kinks before you upload everything to a production server.

You will likely encounter issues when setting up a server…

  • Mods needing repair
  • Missing mods
  • Server configuration files wrong
  • Ports not being forwarded correctly

I followed this guide to set up a server locally.

MilSim Mods

Liberation requires certain mods in order to run so it’s best to download a pre-configured MilSim Liberation configuration like the one I’m providing. Subscribe to all of these mods and allow ARMA to download your mods. You may have issues with mods needing to be repaired.


Installing Liberation to the Server

Using TADST to Configure Liberation

[ video ]

Headless Client Configuration

Monsoon’s Headless Client Tutorial

Bohemia’s Forums

Logging in as Admin

If you haven’t accessed admin in multiplayer before it’s really easy. In ANY chat type “#login adminPassword$” and you will login as admin. However, it’s recommended to use Vehicle Side Chat in case you type the wrong thing and expose the administrative password to everyone.

Updating Settings in Liberation

halo, arsenal, difficulty,

[ video ]

MP Mission Settings

Saving the Game Data

Production Game Server

At this point, if you understand everything that we’ve already done then you should be able to push this configuration to a production server. They are all configured differently and offer different options. This article is for a dedicated ARMA server.

Port Forwarding / Firewall

More Info

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